What is CHI?

Christian Helplines, Inc.  (CHI) is a ministry devoted to training individuals in discipleship, assisting pastors through the development of leaders and growth within churches through the creation of satellite ministries tied to the church.

Discipleship training is that which prepares individuals for those times when we see people around us hurting or in crisis. That person could be a family member, co-worker or close friend showing a need for someone to reflect Christ’s care and concern for their situation. We believe that the word of God holds the answers to all of the issues we face in the world today. Through a purely biblical approach, our training prepares the laity for peer counseling opportunities. Moments when we can come alongside those who are hurting or in crisis to provide comfort, sincere caring and support.

Pastoral assistance and leadership training involves providing those with a heart for service the tools necessary to work side by side with their pastor. More importantly it is a means to ease some of the burden pastors carry each day. Many pastors find their workload is a bit overwhelming without some support and assistance for their parishioners. Why not prepare those willing to volunteer for service within the church with the ability to run a prayer team, organize and develop a home visitation program, or mentor support groups for grief, alcoholism, anger management, etc. You can even learn how to create a crisis intervention helpline with our training. Free your pastor to do so much more by learning how to take some of the responsibilities off of their plate and taking a leadership role within your church!

Evangelism…it is a vital part of Discipleship.  Some hear this word and receive a feeling of apprehension or anxiety over the possibility of discussing religious beliefs or sharing the love of Christ with others. Some people are simply afraid of saying the wrong thing, blowing their perceived “one chance”, or offending others.  Rest assured… you will feel emboldened and comfortable with your faith as you learn how to share Jesus with others in the “How Can I Help?” training program. The program places particular emphasis on respecting the individual seeking our help and not forcing our religious beliefs on anyone.

Please look at this message as an opportunity for you to make an impact on the lives within your church, your pastor and those within your community. A chance to live more fully for Christ and serve Him. Matthew 28:19 calls us to “go and make disciples”, Galatians 6:2 states that we are to “bear one another’s burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ”. Christian Helplines, Inc. through the “How Can I Help?” training series will prepare you to do just that and more. To find out how, check out our website at christianhelplines.org

Christian Helplines, Inc. / How Can I Help?

“Preparing God’s people for works of service.” Ephesians 4:12

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