The “In” Crowd…

As a Christian we are defined by our belief that Jesus is “the Christ”. The term “Christian” was first used to describe the disciples Paul and Barnabas in the book of Acts (Acts 11:26). To be more literal, “Christ” is a term derived from the greek word “christos” which is translated “the annointed one” ( So by interpretation, being “Christian” means we believe or define ourselves as “followers of Christ” (

So far so good? I think we can all agree that we see Jesus as the “annointed” of God

After all, He is our savior and redeemer from the affect of sin in our life. He is the son of God, Emmanuel, that part of the Trinity who became one of us in order to walk with us. He lived an unblemished life and loved us enough to sacrifice His life as a ransom for our sin debt. A gift of grace to satisfy a debt we could never pay in full ourselves…

The acceptance of His sacrifice on the cross as a ransom for our sins, the belief in His coming as God in the flesh and a desire to become more like Him are what comprise the cornerstone of what it is to be called a Christian.

Wouldn’t we all agree?

Well… Maybe not everybody…

Lately, we’ve all heard stories in the media about how our culture is becoming more permissive with ideas that run counter to our judeo-christian ethic. While many of these ideas are troubling to us from the context of our culture and how these decisions will effect our country, what should be more disturbing is the profound effect these ideas are having in the church.

Culture is permeating the aisles and pews of our churches. We’ve all seen signs of the compromise that is beginning to challenge the essential tenets of our faith. In a sermon by pastor Steven Davey of Colonial Baptist Church in North Carolina, he discussed a conversation he had with another believer who was frustrated with his church. The man elaborated on how he and others within his denomination had struggled to add a provision to the constitutional by-laws of their church. A simple addition, a three word phrase that any Christian should be willing to agree upon…

“Jesus is Lord”

Unbelievably, they could not get enough votes to have this statement added. Instead, leaders within their denomination explained to them that the statement was too authoritarian. Others told them that the statement was too divisive.

Some of the other arguments being made to those who are standing up for the faith in the face of these challenges are equally baffling:

  • The Bible was written thousands of years ago and is no longer relevant.
  • The Bible was written by men and therefore not infallible.
  • God is love and would never disagree with any behaviors involving love.
  • God has changed his opinions over time.

Have you heard any of these? I’m sure you have. You probably have heard others as well. We must continue to race well and finish strong. Fight the good fight. Pray for your churches, your pastors, for the government and for truth to be revealed in the eyes of those who have not seen it yet.

Don’t be part of the “In” crowd… That phonetic remnant left behind when you take “Christ” out of the word Christian.

At Christian Helplines we are focused on promoting a Christ centered life. Our mission has always been to build up disciples and equip them for service to God. Our desire is to teach others from the Bible how to reach out  and share their love for Christ and the testimony of their faith. Our ministry has been serving churches and communities throughout the world for over 40 years.  We cherish the opportunity of working beside you in furthering this endeavor.  If you have a chance, please take the time to check out our website at and share us with your friends.


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