To Stress or Not to Stress…

That is the question… Car payments, college loan payments, house payments, orthodontics for the kids, the presidential elections, the in-laws coming to visit in two days, job hunting, debilitating illnesses…etc…etc… So many issues going on in our lives these days, too many for me to list here. Now humor me for a second. Count to… Read More

He’s Alive…

Christ is risen indeed! This Easter join us, your families and churches as we celebrate that joyous moment of ultimate victory! By His being raised from the dead, Jesus has shown us grace which covers the myriad of debts we held for our sins, victory over the curse of death we inherited by our sinful… Read More

Thanksgiving Thoughts

“In everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” – Philippians 4:6 Seems pretty easy huh? Giving praise and thanks for everything? Cancer… the argument you had with your husband/wife this morning… the fire that damaged your home… the business loan you couldn’t qualify for… etc… etc…  We… Read More

What is CHI?

Christian Helplines, Inc.  (CHI) is a ministry devoted to training individuals in discipleship, assisting pastors through the development of leaders and growth within churches through the creation of satellite ministries tied to the church. Discipleship training is that which prepares individuals for those times when we see people around us hurting or in crisis. That… Read More