In case you were wondering, CHI is the acronym which stands for Christian Helplines, Inc. It is the affectionate title we have given to our ministry which was forged over 40 years ago.

Christian Helplines, Inc. came into existence as a vision of Dr. W.H. “Skip” Hunt. His desire was to fill a need for Christian based support for individuals in need or facing crisis. Originally Christian Helplines was a ministry that emphasized telephone counseling, yet over time its purpose grew into what you see today. We are a ministry focused on fulfilling the great commission. We are making disciples – leaders willing to step into different roles within the church in support of their pastors and Christians equipped to care for their fellow man by exemplifying the redemptive love of Christ and His plan of salvation.

Over 40,000 have been trained in discipleship and equipped for service using the “How Can I Help?” training system. Individuals wanting to grow in their walk with Christ have taken the course alone. Churches and Christian organizations of all denominations have adopted the training for their members and employees. Several colleges and Universities (Southeastern University and Lee University) have included “How Can I Help?” as an important part of the curriculum for students in their psychology programs. The same “How Can I Help?” training used by these and others is a tool we want to share with you. Feel free to look into any one of the links for “How Can I Help?” to learn more about the training program.



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