Christian Helplines, Inc. is the vision of our founder Dr. W.H. “Skip” Hunt.

For over three decades, Dr. Hunt worked in the field of crisis counseling, ministry development and lay training.

As the Founder and former National President of Christian Helplines, Inc. (CHI), Dr. Hunt helped Christian churches, parachurch ministries, and individuals across the nation to organize and operate Christian lay ministries.

In the CHI network of ministries, there are and have been: local and national telephone lines, crisis pregnancy centers, girls’ homes, alcohol recovery programs for women, thrift stores, inner-city ministries, teen ministries, counseling centers, television ministries, and ministries involving missions overseas .

Dr. Hunt worked extensively with churches, helping them to establish or enhance their personal care ministry through the development of: peer support ministry, support groups, recovery groups, home fellowship groups, telephone prayerlines, Care Ring ministry, hospital and home visitation.

Prior to devoting himself to full time Christian work, Dr. Hunt was President of Family Television Corporation, owner and operator of WFTS, TV 28 in Tampa, Florida. Dr. Hunt was also Vice President and head of the Financial Planning Department of The Robinson-Humphrey Company, a member firm of the New York Stock Exchange, and Vice President and National Sales Manager of the Alpha Group of mutual funds.

Dr. Hunt attributed his strong business background as preparing him for service to the Lord at Christian Helplines. “Instead of training stock brokers to do financial counseling, we are training Christians to do personal support counseling. Instead of developing businesses, we are developing ministries.”

Dr. Hunt received his Masters Degree in Christian Counseling and a Ph.D. in Christian Psychology from Faith Theological Seminary. He is the author of the How Can I Help? training system which has equipped over 40,000 Christians for personal lay ministry.

Dr. Hunt has also authored 30 E-books in the Guidelines For Helping People series. These materials provide general information, scripture references, and biblical counseling guidelines, on 30 of the most prevalent problems people in our society struggle with today.

2 thoughts on “About Dr. Hunt

  1. Is Christian Helpline Ministries still active? I was on Skip’s original board as VP of Tampa Helplines ~early 1980’s. I knew Skip all the way back when he accepted Christ and marvel at the phenomenal fruit that came forth from his total surrender, including disciple making and ministry development. I am sad that he went home to be with the Lord too soon for my liking. He loved his wife, children and certainly his Lord.


    1. Gibby! My brother in Christ! I must apologize for not responding sooner (just had some surgery on my foot). This is Jimmy Hunt. You have always been regarded as a close friend to our family. I trust all is well with you. Yes, we have managed to continue what my father started so many years ago. As you probably know, my father was ill with a debilitating disease which slowly took his life. Ever committed to Christ, he worked hard till the end leading the ministry forward. This website is a testament to his vision for the future of CHI and our desire to “go and make disciples”. Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad you found us – we are here, and still training people with the “How Can I Help?” materials he developed and built the ministry around.You are a significant part of the success of Christian Helplines, a blessing to my father and someone he regarded as a close friend. Thank you for that relationship and all you have done for Christian Helplines!

      God bless you and your family!
      – Jimmy


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