Christian Helplines, Inc. is a national network of independent Christian ministries. Churches, Christian groups, and individuals all across the United States turn to Christian Helplines, Inc. for help in organizing and developing various forms of lay ministries. Some of the ministries we have supported in the past include:

Telephone Helplines                                          Peer Support Groups
Prayer Lines                                                       Support Groups
Crisis Pregnancy Centers                                   Recovery Centers
Girls Homes                                                       Home Fellowship Groups
Thrift Stores                                                     Teen Ministries
Television Ministries                                         Missions (Domestic and Foreign)

Christian Helplines, Inc. provides assistance with:

Incorporation and tax exemption, if needed
Organization and training of board or operating committee
Recruitment and training of volunteers
Development of program, calendar of events
Budgeting and fund raising ideas
Ongoing support and consultation
Conferences and workshops
Training courses and manuals

Here is a current list of our member organizations:

African Hope Initiative
Christian Hope Network
Christian Ministry Concepts
E-3 Ministries, Inc.
24/14 Ministries International
Gathering Industries
Greater Grace Fellowship
Just Jesus Ministries
Kenya’s Kids
Lead Global, Inc.
Life Center
Men’s Bible Study of Tampa Bay, Inc.
New Beginnings
Catalyst for the Nations Ministry, Inc.
Reed Basket, Inc.
Student Development Institute
Dena Johnson Ministries
Transformational Leadership Partners

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