African Hope Initiative

The vision of African Hope Initiative (AHI):

To strengthen Christian ministries and development initiatives of local individuals, churches and organizations in Africa. We will work through the strong relationships of those who have a track record of effectiveness, while protecting their cultural legacy and coming along side our Christian brothers.

Their Mission:

To supply funds and other resources to accomplish the vision and be the catalyst in spreading the Gospel of Lord Jesus Christ to the peoples of Africa. We also will help train, consult and develop resources for accountable and sustainable activities.

We will also focus on developing the ability to fulfill the mission through a blend of sound management, strong governance, and a persistent re-dedication to achieving results, while considering the cultural differences between our countries. We will rely on The Holy Spirit to guide our decisions and efforts.

African Hope Initiative is a member of Christian Helplines, Inc. network of ministries and shares our 501 3 c tax status as a Christian non-profit subordinate organization.

For more information regarding this ministry or to contact them directly, go to their website located at

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