The Gathering Restaurant is the Christ centered ministry of Gathering Industries. Through this endeavor, the Atlanta-based business seeks to provide a “re-generation” opportunity: A second chance for those who seek it. By partnering with Atlanta Missions, The Gathering employs individuals that have successfully completed transitional programs for drug and alcohol dependencies as well as prison-release programs.

The foundation of The Gathering is to refill the hope of these unemployed men and women, which will ultimately carry them into being able to find jobs in the hospitality industry. In order to get to the point of job-seeking, these workers will be thoroughly trained in all aspects of the restaurant business with an in-depth emphasis on culinary skills and food-handling. This process will ensure exemplary dishes on the community’s tables, and once the individuals have completed these programs, The Gathering will be the key into a restaurant’s door which will begin an entirely new adventure for them; leaving behind the addictions and troubles that kept them from ever moving forward into the workforce.

Gathering Industries uses its kitchen/restaurant in support of missions in Atlanta to reach out and to transform through Christ the lives of those facing homelessness.

Gathering Industries is a member of Christian Helplines, Inc. network of ministries and shares our 501 3 c tax status as a Christian non-profit subordinate organization.

For more information regarding this ministry or to contact them directly, please visit their website located at

2 thoughts on “Gathering Industries

  1. To whom it my concern: My name is Theresa Cowherd and I am very interested in your program. I had the pleasure of meeting two guys on the bus in Marietta and they were kind enough to explain what and how they work each day with a chef. I am currently seeking employment and practically homeless. If given an opportunity, I would be more than grateful and would really shine with joy. Please feel free to contact me via email ( therecow12@gmail) or by phone @ 678 334 7608. God Bless, thank you.


    1. Theresa,

      I apologize for the late response. I found your remarks on our website and passed along your information to Gathering Industries. Feel free to check out their website as well: . They have quite a bit of information pertaining to their ministry and you can even dialogue or comment with them directly using the e-mail system on their site. I wish you well in your endeavors!

      God bless you,

      James Hunt
      Christian Helplines, Inc.


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