LEAD Global is an international consultancy and leadership development organization geared towards the growth and empowerment of godly leaders of character and influence. The word LEAD is an acronym for, Leadership Empowerment And Development. LEAD Global exists to identify, encourage and empower godly leaders of character to be agents of change and influence.

We are committed to the holistic development of people: spiritually, intellectually, socially, vocationally and physically. Our vision, mission, core values, programs and interventions demonstrate this commitment.

We believe that there is hope for Africa, because we have a God given vision that holds the prospect for change and transformation of this continent and its peoples. For this vision to actualize, we intentionally enter strategic arenas in a nation that many have failed to penetrate, and influence them positively.

Lead Global, Inc.  is a member of Christian Helplines, Inc. network of ministries and shares our 501 3 c tax status as a Christian non-profit subordinate organization.

For more information regarding this ministry or to contact them directly, go to their website located at http://www.leadglobal.net

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