Life Center is a ministry based in Centennial Colorado. As a ministry, they are  dedicated to spreading the good news of Christ and the development of disciples through overseas missionary work in Ethiopia.

The ministry was founded by a married couple who have an amazing witness.  Both were freedom fighters in their country of Ethiopia: Tamrat Layne Admassu (Vice President of Life Center) and Mulu Woldentinsae (President of Life Center). Following the successful outcome of their conflict, Tamrat was made Prime minster for a brief time until his democratic leanings within a communist regime caused his overthrow and sentence of 18 years in prison. The time he would actually serve amounted to a period of solitary confinement lasting twelve years . His life was changed as he came to Christ while in prison in Ethiopia. Amazingly, he would be reunited with his wife and two children in January of 2009.

On his website, Tamrat shares their amazing story in incredible detail. He also elaborates on the three core values and personal mission statement that he and Mulu share:  “Mulu and I are deeply yoked to do three things: to help young people, to help the poor, and to speak to leaders about Jesus. This is our shared vision. Our life time mission is to change the world by revolution of love through forgiveness”.

In order to live out this vision, Mala founded their ministry Life Center as a means to equip and empower orphans and widows in a family of compassion and hope by providing spiritual and material needs for sustainable transformation of life.

Life Center is a member of the Christian Helplines, Inc. network of ministries and shares our 501 3 c tax status as a Christian non-profit subordinate organization.

For more information regarding this ministry or to contact them directly, please visit the website

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