The Student Development Institute is responsible for developing its Worth the Wait Ministry.

Worth the Wait is a ministry designed to educate and emphasize the importance of sexual purity until marriage. With so many mixed signals given to students about relationships, Worth the Wait feels that it is important for the church to clearly enunciate the biblical truth on this tough subject.

Paul Abner started WTW in 1993, just after the beginning of the nationwide abstinence movement called True Love Waits. Worth the wait programs with Paul as the featured speaker, have been held coast to coast in over 20 denominations. Worth the Wait has been on the front lines of the nationwide movement to educate students and families on the purpose, benefits and biblical foundation of sexual purity since its inception.

Student Development Institute is a member of Christian Helplines, Inc. network of ministries and shares our 501 3 c tax status as a Christian non-profit subordinate organization.

For more information regarding this ministry or to contact them directly, go to their website located at

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