“How Can I Help?” has been training lay people for personal ministry for over four decades. This Complete Training System includes everything you need to prepare individuals for life changing discipleship. It further equips those who have a desire to serve their church, their pastor and others in need within their sphere of influence.

The How Can I Help?” training manual is a comprehensive tool that contains thirteen chapters which cover everything necessary to grow disciples for Christ and launch powerful lay ministries that will impact the lives of your church members, visitors, and your local community. See the table below for an overview of the chapters and their content:

Chapter One Teaches the stages of crisis and helps the volunteer understand what a person in crisis is experiencing.
Chapter Two Teaches a five phase counseling model, active listening responses, and shows how Jesus listened and helped people.
Chapter Three Teaches how to help people think through their problems, analyze options, and make wise decision
Chapter Four Teaches the Home Run Presentation of the Gospel, an easy and effective way to lead people to Jesus Christ.
Chapter Five Teaches the basic beliefs held by all Christians
Chapter Six Teaches how to turn away temptation.
Chapter Seven Teaches how to change sinful thoughts and behavior.
Chapter Eight Teaches how to operate a telephone helpline/prayerline, including a 7-11 Helpline that only requires one volunteer a day
Chapter Nine Teaches how to operate a telephone outreach ministry CARE RING
for church visitors CARE RING
for new membersCARE RING
for the sickCARE RING
for the homeboundCARE RING
for the grieving and discouraged
Chapter Ten Teaches how to operate Home Fellowship Groups, ministering to church visitors and unsaved neighbors and friends.
Chapter Eleven Teaches how to operate Support Groups for grief, divorce, cancer, and other needs.
Chapter Twelve Teaches how to operate Christian 12-Step Groups for addictions and abuse.
Chapter Thirteen Teaches how to operate a Peer Support Ministry providing one on one support during times of crisis.

We want to be a valued resource for you and your church. Our complete system consists of The Leaders Guide, the “How Can I Help?” training manual and a training DVD. It is a program designed with a simplicity that allows anyone to manage and implement training easily. It is training has been complemented for its thoroughness in content and proven by its preparation of thousands for service in their churches and communities over a time span of 40+ years. As a part of the value of the training you will receive, you should know that the “How Can I Help?” training materials have been a trusted part of the curriculum at Lee University and Southeastern University. The “How Can I Help?” training program is an exceptional value at its reasonable price, which can be seen and ordered direct from us at our online store located on this site.

If you should choose to forego the turnkey process, trainers are available to teach the course at your church or to your organization. Please feel free to inquire on the availability of our trainers. Their services are available for a nominal fee which may include travel expenses. 

Our goal is to supply your ministry with the very best resources possible. Please view our store to see the extraordinary value being offered and order the materials necessary to train your people today!

2 thoughts on “How Can I Help?

  1. I am interested in potentially implementing this material at my church but I’m researching it first before presenting it to my Pastor.


    1. Hello Dale,

      My name is James Hunt and I just received the information of your post. I understand you are interested in learning more about the “How Can I Help?” training. We would love to assist you in the endeavor of going and making disciples. I have a myriad of resources I can send you, but perhaps the best one is the training book itself. I think you will find that the “How Can I Help?” book will be the greatest asset in your hands as you talk with your pastor about its use in your church.

      We have a package of 10 books, a leadership guide and a DVD put together by our founder and my father, Dr. W.H. “Skip” Hunt. The leadership guide is a must have for anyone teaching the course and the DVD is a unique opportunity to walk through the lessons with Dr. Hunt and share some of his unique insights not included in the other training materials. We do offer all the books and materials individually, it is recommended that everyone in your class have their own book. Information on pricing is available on the website in our store but I will be more than happy to send along a price sheet with the free book I’d like to send to you.

      All I need is your address! If you have any further questions feel free to send them to my attention at jhunt@christianhelplines.org or reply here. Thank you for your interest in Christian Helplines, Inc.

      Your Brother in Christ,

      James H. Hunt


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